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Fri 28 Mar
No Need For Strava – When I go riding with my beard, I don’t need a smartphone app to tell me I’m the king of the mountain.
Tue 11 Mar
The next time you read somebody declaring the death of RSS, you can just smile to yourself as you mark it as read in your favorite reader and move on to the next article.
Feedbin’s First Year. I signed up for Feedbin not long after Google announced the death of Reader. It’s been fun to watch it mature into a really good app.
Fri 28 Feb

SharePoint 2013 branding tip

When you create an HTML Master Page using SP2013’s Design Manager, do not rip out <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> (so you can use <meta charset="utf-8"> instead). It gets the conversion to a .master file wrong so character entities (things like &reg;) will end up prefixed with squiggles.

It took me quite a while to figure out what I’d done wrong, there…

Fri 14 Feb
Today brings some sad news: Editorially is closing its doors. The application will remain available until May 30, at which point the site will go offline. We encourage all users to export their data.
Goodbye. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Editorially is by far the best online text editing tool I’ve ever used.
Thu 5 Dec
US patent 4634021 describes “A release mechanism is disclosed for releasing an object such as a ball from a body under the force of gravity. A bimetallic element obstructs or opens an opening in the body for retaining or releasing the object depending upon the temperature of the bimetallic element. The release mechanism may be incorporated into a novelty “brass monkey” for “emasculating” the monkey when the temperature decreases to a predetermined temperature at which the balls in the “brass monkey” are permitted to drop to a base which is designed to produce an audible sound when struck by the balls.”
Mon 4 Nov
…that’s the most coherent argument I can find; there are dozens of other arguments for zero-indexing involving “natural numbers” or “elegance” or some other unresearched hippie voodoo nonsense that are either wrong or too dumb to rise to the level of wrong.

Citation Needed – blarg? (via lkm)

I love the idea that something can be so dumb it can’t even reach the level of “wrong”.

(via lkm)

Fri 11 Oct

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Wed 2 Oct

You know that thing where you watch an advert for a new bike and think to yourself “We rode all of those trails this summer…and swam in that lake”?

No? Just me then.

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Wed 4 Sep

London to Brighton Train Journey: 1953, 1983 and 2013 (by BBC South Today, via Kottke).

The first film was made the year before my Dad was born and I was five years old when they made the second one. Given how much of the world seems to have changed since then, it’s amazing how similar the 2013 film looks.

Fri 30 Aug


Great Britain’s Tahnee Seagrave clinches Junior Women’s Downhill world title
2013 Junior Downhill MTB World Championships
1.  Tahnée Seagrave, Great Britain, 0:04:52.0012.   Danielle Beecroft, Australia, + 07.5123.   Tegan Molloy, Australia, + 19.4484.   Fiona Ourdouillie, France, + 21.7315.   Ayaka Nakagawa, Japan, + 01:13.791

Go Tahnée!


Great Britain’s Tahnee Seagrave clinches Junior Women’s Downhill world title

2013 Junior Downhill MTB World Championships

1.  Tahnée Seagrave, Great Britain, 0:04:52.001
2.   Danielle Beecroft, Australia, + 07.512
3.   Tegan Molloy, Australia, + 19.448
4.   Fiona Ourdouillie, France, + 21.731
5.   Ayaka Nakagawa, Japan, + 01:13.791

Go Tahnée!

Fri 30 Aug

"What’s the best part about living in Switzerland?"

"I don’t really know, but the flag is a big plus."

Mon 15 Jul

This isn’t some flashy lifestyle business. This isn’t some plucky young disruptive startup. This is the British government, an organisation so stodgy and bureaucratic that there are multiple sitcoms about its stodginess and bureaucracy. is an inspiration. If the slowest-moving organisation in the country can turn itself around, embrace a whole new way of working, and produce a beautiful, usable, responsive site, then the rest of us really have no excuse.

Thu 27 Jun